My Cookbook is Almost Ready for Kickstarter

The life of a writer is an interesting one, that’s for sure. With freelance work, you never know what your next big gig will be, but when it comes to being an author, you control your own fate. I have never published a book before, but that will soon change. I am currently putting the final touches on a Kickstarter campaign for a cookbook geared towards men. I will go into more when the campaign goes live, but for now, it’s just exciting getting this close. I’m not close to being done with the book yet, but as we get closer to the holidays, I know I will get the book from 35 percent done to 100 percent in no time.

At this stage in the process, all I have left to get the campaign submitted for approval is add pictures to some of the delicious meals I have already created and create a quick video to add to the submission. By showcasing some of the completed dishes, I am hoping to show the Kickstarter community that my book is unique and different than anything else on the market today.

That’s all for now, but I will continue to keep you all posted on how it’s going and what’s next for the project.

Have a great day!



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