Welcome to Men Cook Too

Hello World!

Welcome to Men Cook Too. This website is meant to function for various reasons. It will be an area where I talk about the process I will soon be entering into as I look to get my cookbook geared for men funded through Kickstarter. I am planning on writing several posts each week about the how the process is going, tips I may have come up with and to show my emotions on the matter.

Another aspect of this website is reviewing other cookbooks, recipes and products meant for everyday use in kitchens. I want to share my experiences with the products I already have in my kitchen and those I want to add one day.

Finally, this website is here to show the world that Men Cook Too and that we can do more than just run the grill at the summer BBQ.

I hope you all enjoy what you read and if you do, please share the page, Tweet and Facebook your favorite posts and don’t forget to pledge for my book!



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