Final Steps in Kickstarter Process

Yesterday was a busy day when it came to putting together the final touches on my Kickstarter campaign. I finalized (I think and I hope) my reward pledges, did the final research on all the costs that would be needed to make my dream come true and all that is left now is to make a short video about the project and upload a few pictures into the actual campaign.

With that being said, the first tip (of many to come throughout the life of my campaign) I will pass along to anyone attempting to launch a Kickstarter campaign of any kind is to do all the research humanly possible. By looking at other campaigns that were successful and unsuccessful in the same category as your product. This will allow you to see what worked for them in terms of rewards and what is a reachable budget goal to set.

Hopefully, by this time tomorrow, I will be able to tell you guys that my Kickstarter is submitted for approval and I am feeling a little less stress for a few days.



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