Lots of Laughs Filming Video

For anyone that has ever worked on a Kickstarter before, you know how important it is to have a video in your campaign. It shows potential “investors” that there a person behind the product. Last night, my girlfriend Sarah filmed my video and after only about 27 attempts to get it right, I can finally say that I got it right and that my campaign is finally submitted for review. As soon as Men Cook Too gets more followers, I will post some of the bloopers from what was a funny and exciting experience.

With that being said, that has led me to my fourth tip for anyone looking to create a Kickstarter or any other crowd-funding program of their own. When it comes to making you video, have some fun with it and don’t take yourself too seriously.The better you feel while standing in front of the camera, the better your video will come out.

That’s all for now folks. Check back tomorrow when I write up a recap on the past week’s worth of recipes completed forĀ Men Cook Too.



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