Trying Out a Detox Cleanse

Detox Cleanse

Alright folks, a detox cleanse. It is a great way of cutting the toxins our of your body while improving your health quality. I began my cleanse on Monday and have been going with it each day this week. With the exception of a couple of cups of coffee scattered throughout the week, this has been the only thing I have had to drink. You may ask yourself what is it this detox cleanse and why you should drink it, so let’s go into the details.


1 Lemon

1 Lime


1/3 Cucumber

A lot of places I saw this cleanse online said to cut these items up and spread them out across five 24oz. water bottles for the entire week. To me, this seemed to difficult to do and depending on your ability to enjoy the tart taste of a lemon five days later, might completely make you move away from the cleanse. You can revise the amount of each item as you go, but for me in my giant mason jar, these totals are what made the most sense.

You can also choose to use either a lemon or lime and can also replace the cucumber with watermelon. Either way, the effects are still the same. The lemons and limes in the cleanse help to regulate your digestive track, proving to be a helpful solution to constipation. They also help to break down fats with bile that are in the small intestines. The cucumber (or watermelon) work because they produce citrulline, an organic compound that helps your liver and kidneys get rid of ammonia and the mint is a helpful addition because of the taste. It also helps you to digest your foods better.

For me, I have not felt better in the past several months than I have for this past week. Drinking the cleanse all day at work has been a refreshing change from my usual coffee and tea and I haven’t felt tired. Like I said, this cleanse can be modified. For me, I find it better to cut the mint leaves beforehand as you release more of the flavor, but some may not like to chew the leaves that end up in the cup. No matter what version of this cleanse you use, just remember you are bettering your body.



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