Latest Crowd-Funding Tip: Don’t Become Discouraged


Good evening, folks! We are now about three and half weeks away from the funding deadline for “Men Cook Too” on Kickstarter and we are about 14 percent of the way to the goal, which is about on par with other cookbooks at this stage in their campaigns. The one thing that anybody running a crowd-funding campaign needs to be sure they do is not become discouraged. It can become difficult to stay upbeat and excited about the final prospects when your pledge total raises slowly, but you need to.

Every campaign, even those that have surpassed their funding goal by three, four or even eight times the asked amount suffered through stages where they saw a lull in the action. You need to fight through this and keep looking towards the the final goal. You need to keep being grateful for the help you have gotten from your friends and family that have pledged and shared your campaign and continue to reach out for more help. Send out press releases, send Tweets to influential figures in your campaign genre and seek out the local media. By doing all of these things, you will be working to put your product in front of a new audience and more backers.

On that note, I’m going to keep fighting and pushing forward in my goal and appreciate the love!



Men Cook Too on Kickstarter



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