The Weekend Ahead – Men Cook Too Style

Ahhh, it’s finally Saturday, which means most of us have two days off until we have to go back to work. Well, that is partly true for me, as I technically don’t have to work during the weekend, but I have some freelance work to do and of course, I need to keep the momentum rolling for the Men Cook Too Kickstarter page and this website. To keep the momentum rolling along for this cookbook, I need to keep on adding more amazing dishes to¬†Men Cook Too.pigs-in-a-blanket

As I look ahead to this weekend, I am working on several new recipes for Men Cook Too, including Spiced Pig’s, Chicken Meatloaf and a perfect holiday season cocktail. As I let your imagination wander as to what each of these items are, I will say to all of you, keep us bookmarked for more information and enjoy your weekend.



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