From the Heart – Create Lasting Memories in the Kitchen

When I lived at home, I never cooked. I barely warmed anything up for myself. It was always my saint of a mother that would make dinner and take care of all the meals each day. It was something I don’t think I appreciated as much as I should have, but as time goes on and everything with Men Cook Too continues to go well, I am finding more and more inspiration from those dishes I’ve seen my mom make a million times. I tried to make one of those meals tonight and when my pot of Caldo Verde soup was complete, I can honestly say that while it wasn’t better than what my mom made, it was something she would be proud of.

With that, here is my message for all you guys. Get in the kitchen. It might sound like I just want you to pledge for my cookbook (and remember for as little as $20, you can get your very own copy), but in reality, think about all the memories you may have had as a child growing up. Whether it was trying to get a finger in the cake batter or waiting around for the Thanksgiving day turkey to finish cooking, they were memories that bring back smiles and once you get in the kitchen, are things that can bring memories to mind for your kids 30 years down the road.


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