My Own Thanksgiving Feast

Some of my greatest memories as a youth was waking up on Thanksgiving morning and smelling all the amazing food being prepared by my mother. Anyone with a Portuguese mother can attest to the fact that there was a lot of appetizers, sides and desserts being prepared along with the turkey. Those were great memories.

In the final stretch run to complete Men Cook Too and get the cookbook funded on Kickstarter, last night was my like our own Thanksgiving Feast… Well, aside from the turkey. I checked off two appetizers, one cocktail and on dessert off the to-do list and ended up feeling like I just ate a big Thanksgiving meal. That is one of the best things about the cookbook. While there are dishes that require more effort to complete, there are also a large amount of recipes that take less than 15 minutes of prep time, allowing you to have a feast whenever you want.

With that, I wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and hope that everyone has a chance to check out the Kickstarter for Men Cook Too.


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