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Things continue to work wonderfully for Men Cook Too. Between getting the funding for my cookbook and preparing the book for its release, things have been busy. Despite a busy schedule seven days a week, things aren’t only stressful. Things are continuing to look great for Men Cook Too. I am proud to announce that I was recently accepted into the Blendtec affiliate program. Nobody opens up a website with the intention of making a lot of money, but there is always hope that it could happen. This is one of those opportunities for me and this website to eventually become one that is relied upon for people on a daily basis and I think it starts with Blendtec.

Blendtec is a company that was founded in 1975 and specializes in blenders for professional or home use. The company is headquartered in Orem, Utah, and is constantly working at improving their products. They recently won the 2103 Gold Innovation Award for innovations for their line of stealth blenders.

Among the top products that Blendtec  currently offers include the 100341 Q-Series and the Home TB-621 Blender.

Blendtec Q SeriesThe Q-Series has plenty of power for all your blending needs, but does so without the usual noise that comes with using a blender. It is perfect for use in your home, or even in a restaurant or bar. There are 30 pre-programmed cycles that can be cycled through with the blue LCD screen. The Q-Series comes with two 96 oz. Wildside Jars allowing you to make large batches of smoothies without needing to wash the blender each time.

The TB-621 blender can be used for whatever blending job you have in mind. It uses smart-touch technology for its digital touchpad. The blender can use its 29,000 RPM blade to draw items to the bottom to mix. This blender can actually help you gain space on your kitchen counters. With this blender, you can get rid of your juicer, grain mill, ice cream maker, bread machine, blender, milkshake blender, coffee grinder and ice crusher.

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Blendtec Blenders

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