Update on ‘Men Cook Too’ Process after Kickstarter

I just wanted to check in with everyone on where we stand in the Men Cook Too process. I am currently going through and editing the book for the final time. The final count for the number of dishes in the cookbook is 41, 43 or 44 total recipes so our book will be between 65 and 80 pages in full color with incredible photographs from our Safaris and Sunsets partner, Sarah. Once the photos are ready and the book is completely edited and proofed, I will be sending it to my publishing company to be formatted and structured. Once they have the book, it will be about three or four weeks until I get a proof to look at and everything looks the way I envision it, we will be good to print and all the backers from my Kickstarter campaign will be getting their books soon after.

Another important process for the book is getting the cover designed and completed courtesy of Kristen Brassard. She is extremely talented and one of the best graphic designers I know, so I am 100 confident that she will come up with something that looks better than I ever could have imagined myself.

I’ve also recently ordered the Men Cook Too stemless wine glasses (will be available for purchase next week, along with pre-orders of the book and custom corkscrews), which will be completed and in hand on Tuesday. Next up is ordering recipe postcards for the backers of the book, as well as creating a graphic for this website showcasing all the supporters I got through Kickstarter and those that I know personally.

One more thing before I go, I had joined together with Safaris and Sunsets to host a giveaway for a copy of Men Cook Too  and earlier this week, that winner was chosen. Amanda Rose of Sew Much 2 Say was the winner and will get her book in January and will also get ad space here on Men Cook Too for three months. Everyone click the link in the “Men Cook Too Partners” section to the right and check out her great site.

Have a great day everyone!


Check out and like our Men Cook Too Facebook page

Check out and like our Men Cook Too Facebook page

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