Vinho Verde a Delicious, Yet Affordable Bottle of Wine

I want to start this post by apologizing for the lack of posts the past few weeks. Between getting Men Cook Too ready for publishing, the holidays and a great four day trip to Vermont, I have been pre-occupied. I just got back tonight, but wanted to make a quick post about how well a glass of Vinho Verde goes with almost anything.

While I was in Vermont, I saw a post online about how the sales of Vinho Verde in the United States has been going up to the tune of millions of dollars. As someone who grew up in a Portuguese household where Casal Garcia Vinho Verde was a common bottle of wine to be opened, I may be a bit biased, but nonetheless, here I am. I wasn’t going to make a post about this until we were heading back to Connecticut today from Vermont. We made a stop at the local country store in East Burke and then made another stop in St. Johnsbury at a neat little convenience shop/deli/everything else you could imagine and low and behold, each shop had bottles of Vinho Verde. With numerous local wineries and vineyards within a few hours drive, seeing imported bottles of Vinho Verde from Portugal spoke to me.

Anyone who has had a glass of Vinho Verde can attest to the fact that this wine tastes great and is something that can be put at the table regardless of the food prepared for the evening. One of the best parts about this type of wine is that you don’t need to pay a whole lot for it, as this bottle of Pavao cost me just $8.99, which is actually one of the more expensive bottles of this type of wine I have ever encountered.

With that, here is my message to all the guys looking to pick up a nice bottle of wine for dinner. More isn’t always better. Don’t go with the expensive bottle of wine only because it costs more. Sometimes you can find a great deal on a delicious bottle of wine like a Vinho Verde. If you haven’t seen any Vinho Verde in your local liquor store, check out Total Wine to look at the many options available (my advice would be to try the Gazela).


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