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Hey everyone,

Sorry to have neglected you all a bit in the past couple of days, but they were a busy one in my house. Between starting and finishing a 9,000 word book on my favorite baseball team, rearranging my apartment and working on a guest post for The Wellness Doer, I haven’t been cooking anything. I promise you all though that by the end of Sunday, at least two new recipes will be posted here, so please continue to check back.

Now back to business. As I mentioned briefly above, I wrote a guest post at The Wellness Doer. Elyssa was kind enough to let me send a message to her audience and included in that post, was a recipe from Men Cook Too. For all of you that are looking to make a healthy chicken meatloaf dish before the cookbook is officially released, head on over Elyssa’s site. You can easily access that site by clicking the banner below.

The Wellness Doer

Another great thing I have joined together with Elyssa for was a giveaway. There are many different things you can do to earn entries for the giveaway which will run for one week. At the end of the week, two winners will randomly be selected. The first prize will be a free copy of Men Cook Too and three months of ad space here on and the second prize will be three months of ad space on These ad spaces are perfect for anyone looking to start their own blog and are hoping to get some extra traffic.

Well that is all for now. Time for me to go to my full-time job. Until next time (it’ll be soon), have a great day and head over to The Wellness Doer today for a chance to win Men Cook Too.

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