Men Cook Too Officially on Kickstarter

After all the hard work just getting to this point, I can happily say that the Kickstarter campaign to get Men Cook Too funded is now officially live. I appreciate all the support I can get from all of you. So please share the link, pledge whatever you can afford and thank you in advance for your support.

You can check out the Kickstarter campaign here!

Thanks again!



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‘Men Cook Too’ Recipe Previews

So as promised, this post was to be all about a preview of recipes that I completed last week for Men Cook Too. In the buildup to get my Kickstarter campaign launched, I honestly was slacking a bit in coming up with more recipes that are easy to follow for men, but last week, that all changed. I added a delicious pork dinner with sauteed apples, banana creme pie and a traditional Spanish sangria. Men Cook Too is all about making the entire process easy for men, so that includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, party cocktails and appetizers.

The best thing about all the recipes I am putting in this cookbook is that they are all so easy for men to complete that you don’t have to be scared to step into the kitchen, grab the spatula and take the reigns. We’ll go more in depth soon, but for now, sit back, enjoy a glass of wine and relax for the rest of the night.

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Lots of Laughs Filming Video

For anyone that has ever worked on a Kickstarter before, you know how important it is to have a video in your campaign. It shows potential “investors” that there a person behind the product. Last night, my girlfriend Sarah filmed my video and after only about 27 attempts to get it right, I can finally say that I got it right and that my campaign is finally submitted for review. As soon as Men Cook Too gets more followers, I will post some of the bloopers from what was a funny and exciting experience.

With that being said, that has led me to my fourth tip for anyone looking to create a Kickstarter or any other crowd-funding program of their own. When it comes to making you video, have some fun with it and don’t take yourself too seriously.The better you feel while standing in front of the camera, the better your video will come out.

That’s all for now folks. Check back tomorrow when I write up a recap on the past week’s worth of recipes completed for Men Cook Too.



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More Kickstarter Tips

Since the last time I left you all, I was getting close to the finish line for submitting my Kickstarter campaign. I haven’t advanced much since then, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have some tips that can help you prepare for your own campaign. Here are a few more Kickstarter tips for you to look at.

(Tip 1 was covered previously)

  • Tip 2 – If you are in a bit of a hurry when it comes to getting your promotion submitted and live, be sure to complete the Amazon Payments verification as soon as possible. This process involves Amazon putting two small deposits into your bank account (or instant verification if your bank is large enough) to verify that it is yours. You won’t be able to complete the submission process until this is verified.
  • Tip 3 – Prepare friends and family for promotion. This campaign will take over your life for as many as 60 days and your Facebook friends and Twitter followers may become irritated. Slowly break them into the process and let them know what to expect.

That’s all for now. I am planning on filming my Kickstarter video later tonight, so hopefully by the next time you read my post, my campaign will be submitted to Kickstarter. Until then, thanks for coming, please share, like, tweet and all that good stuff.




Final Steps in Kickstarter Process

Yesterday was a busy day when it came to putting together the final touches on my Kickstarter campaign. I finalized (I think and I hope) my reward pledges, did the final research on all the costs that would be needed to make my dream come true and all that is left now is to make a short video about the project and upload a few pictures into the actual campaign.

With that being said, the first tip (of many to come throughout the life of my campaign) I will pass along to anyone attempting to launch a Kickstarter campaign of any kind is to do all the research humanly possible. By looking at other campaigns that were successful and unsuccessful in the same category as your product. This will allow you to see what worked for them in terms of rewards and what is a reachable budget goal to set.

Hopefully, by this time tomorrow, I will be able to tell you guys that my Kickstarter is submitted for approval and I am feeling a little less stress for a few days.




My Cookbook is Almost Ready for Kickstarter

The life of a writer is an interesting one, that’s for sure. With freelance work, you never know what your next big gig will be, but when it comes to being an author, you control your own fate. I have never published a book before, but that will soon change. I am currently putting the final touches on a Kickstarter campaign for a cookbook geared towards men. I will go into more when the campaign goes live, but for now, it’s just exciting getting this close. I’m not close to being done with the book yet, but as we get closer to the holidays, I know I will get the book from 35 percent done to 100 percent in no time.

At this stage in the process, all I have left to get the campaign submitted for approval is add pictures to some of the delicious meals I have already created and create a quick video to add to the submission. By showcasing some of the completed dishes, I am hoping to show the Kickstarter community that my book is unique and different than anything else on the market today.

That’s all for now, but I will continue to keep you all posted on how it’s going and what’s next for the project.

Have a great day!




Welcome to Men Cook Too

Hello World!

Welcome to Men Cook Too. This website is meant to function for various reasons. It will be an area where I talk about the process I will soon be entering into as I look to get my cookbook geared for men funded through Kickstarter. I am planning on writing several posts each week about the how the process is going, tips I may have come up with and to show my emotions on the matter.

Another aspect of this website is reviewing other cookbooks, recipes and products meant for everyday use in kitchens. I want to share my experiences with the products I already have in my kitchen and those I want to add one day.

Finally, this website is here to show the world that Men Cook Too and that we can do more than just run the grill at the summer BBQ.

I hope you all enjoy what you read and if you do, please share the page, Tweet and Facebook your favorite posts and don’t forget to pledge for my book!